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Summer 2019 construction

Summer 2019 construction

Shannon Shelton Miller May 13, 2019

The University is scheduled to complete major facilities projects this summer that will expand the current campus footprint and equip existing structures with cutting-edge infrastructure and technology.

The renovation of the first and second floors of Roesch Library will be complete by August, and a two-story, 38,192-square foot office building to house the Dayton Foundation, the Dayton Development Coalition and the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community at 1401 S. Main is on schedule for an August move-in date.

The new Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence, which will be housed in a vacated data center on the third floor of Miriam Hall, is targeted for a summer completion date.

Looking ahead, the University of Dayton Arena transformation continues with a scheduled completion date of Oct. 31, and the University will build a new recruiting center for Career Services that will be ready for occupancy in December.

The first phase of the Department of Computer Science’s relocation from Anderson Hall to the Music/Theatre Building will take place from May to July, and the second phase runs from July to December 2020.

University of Dayton Arena Transformation

Continuing work during the summer includes:

• East concourse club drywall and ceiling grid install.

• South side restroom construction.

• Pour of west side dock foundations.

• Women’s restroom construction.

Roesch Library

Summer plans include:

• Asbestos removal.

• Fire sprinkler installation.

• Setting interior storefront, painting and installing ceiling grid.

• Furniture installation.

1401 S. Main

Upcoming work includes:

• Final work on exterior brick and interior studs.

• Rooftop mechanical unit work.

Center for Cybersecurity and Data Intelligence

Summer work includes:

• Finishing interior renovations.

• Installing furniture and audiovisual equipment.

General summer maintenance work

Projects include:

• Entry doors and glass replacement at Anderson Hall.

• Chiller replacement at Kennedy Union.

• Roof replacements at Miriam Hall and Daniel J. Curran Place.

• Brick and mortar work at RecPlex and Campus South.

• General paver replacement across campus.

• S1 parking lot repaving.