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Flyer in First Position

Flyer in First Position

Rose Rucoba ’19 March 20, 2019

When it comes to standing out, Linxin Li is the person to watch. The senior from Chengdu, Hunan Province, China, will graduate in May with a concentration in dance through UD’s new major in theater, dance and performance technology.

How did you become UD’s first dance major? My parents wanted me to study marketing, and I changed to psychology because that’s what I wanted to study. Then, I was thinking about getting arts credits and I saw ballet was a major. I thought, “Wow! They have dance!” I talked to the adviser, Michelle Hayford, the head of the theater department, and I told her, “I want to do this.”

Linxin LiWhat do your parents think of your major switch? In China, I went to a dance school and I worked for a dance company for two years. I’ve been dancing my whole life, so they support me. Also, they come to a lot of competitions so they can see my achievement.

Why do you love to dance? The studio and the stage are the places I’ve found peace. They are also places I escape to. I am not a good talker, so this is my way of sharing my feelings, through body movement.

Is it lonely being the only senior in a new concentration? I take classes with non-major students, but they also designed a class for me. The class is a higher level of modern dance and ballet. Amy Jones teaches that class; she’s an artist-in-residence and danced for the Dayton Contemporary Dance Co. for eight years.

How did you come to be featured on the cover of (DE-FI)ance Magazine? I did modeling back in China, usually just studio shooting. Last year, some agent found me at Know Theatre in Cincinnati when I went there to watch a show, and later I signed with their company, Heyman Talent Agency. Two years ago, I went to a DE-FI open call audition for a magazine cover shooting and became the cover model for 2018.

What are your post-grad plans? I’m currently applying for graduate school to get a master’s in dance. I recently got accepted at Florida State University. I want to be a choreographer and do my own work. I want to have my own dance company and just travel the world — that would be the best situation of all. In the end, though, I want to be a dance professor.

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