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VASE lecture series continues in spring

VASE lecture series continues in spring

by Cari Zahn ’18 January 10, 2018

A new opportunity for UD students, as well as the greater Dayton community, emerged fall semester from the department of art and design.

Assistant professor of art education Darden Bradshaw organized the Visiting Art and Scholar Educators (VASE) lecture series to provide students and the public a chance to learn from artists in the field about their work and its ties to social justice.

1801_palmer_img.jpgIo Palmer, an associate professor at Washington State University, kicked off the lecture series with a presentation of her collection entitled “Working Ideas.” In her work, Palmer addresses class, capitalism and societal access.

One of Palmer’s favorite and most featured mediums is hair, either real or synthetic, as it represents issues in African culture. As seen in “Combs in Hairballs,” Palmer attempts to show how people express themselves socially and culturally through their hairstyle.

Other major influences of Palmer’s work include her parents and her African and Jewish roots. Aside from sharing the influence and inspiration behind these pieces of art that she has shown all over the world, Palmer also addressed the art students in the room, offering one simple piece of advice.

“You just gotta work,” Palmer said. The next VASE lecture will take place during the spring 2018 semester.

The featured artist has yet to be announced.