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NowReadSeeHere This: Memoir your way

NowReadSeeHere This: Memoir your way

Gita Balakrishnan January 04, 2017
A book by Joanne M. Lozar Glenn ’75

Memoirs are no longer only for writers. Joanne M. Lozar Glenn co-wrote Memoir Your Way: Tell Your Story Through Writing, Recipes, Quilts, Graphic Novels, and More to help more people tell their stories. The book, which has five other contributors, came together when the co-authors began sharing ideas about how people were recording pieces of their personal history in nontraditional forms. 

Book cover: Memoir Your WayPublished in September, the book aims to help other women quickly and easily create their memoir, using skills in ways they may not have thought about before.

Glenn said, “By extending the written memoir form to cookbooks, scrapbooks, quilts and other forms of storytelling, we found we had created a first-of-its-kind guide to memoir that includes rather than excludes would-be memoirists who are not writers.”

The book is available at Amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com.