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Exam Information

Policies and Procedures

The School of Law has developed exam policies and procedures to maintain the integrity and fairness of exams and to facilitate scheduling. See the information below for more details about exam schedules, procedures and requirements.

Exam Schedules

The following documents are available in PDF format:


Examination Deferrals and Missed Examinations

Exam Accommodation & Deferral Form (doc)

See Policy Manual for further information.


The "Quiet Period"

When the examination period begins, a “quiet period” also commences. You will receive an email from the registrar when the quiet period has ended.

Once an exam begins, the quiet period begins. After you take an exam, you may not discuss the exam, the course, the professor or any legal concepts relating to the course with any member of the UDSL community, including classmates and professors, until after being notified by the Registrar's office.

Anonymous Exam Numbers

All examinations, including midterm examinations, will be administered anonymously to ensure the integrity and fairness of the grading process. The registrar will assign an examination number to each student.  

Exam Standards of Conduct

You are bound by the University’s policy on Academic Dishonesty and by the School of Law’s policy on academic and professional ethics. Both are set out in the Policy Manual. Under the University’s policy, sanctions (including an “F” in the course or dismissal from school) can be imposed on students who engage in academic dishonesty.

Exam Procedures

All students are expected to use laptop computers for all final exams. You are responsible for understanding how this software works on your laptop. The best way to ensure there are no issues on exam day is to register your laptop and download all of your exam files days before the scheduled midterm/final exam period begins.

Step 1:   Register your Laptop here
             ExamSoft Laptop Registration and Downloading Exam Files (pdf)

Step 2:  ExamSoft Exam Day Instructions (pdf)

For information Using Your Laptop For Exams (pdf)

All exams are proctored.  Any problems, including honor code violations, should be reported to the registrar.

Technical Issues

In case you lose internet during the exam or there is some type of technical malfunction, take the following steps:

  • Immediately notify Dean Penn ( and Registrar Specialist Mary Beth Miller (  of what happened. DO NOT CONTACT YOUR PROFESSOR.
  • Contact technical support. ExamSoft: 1-866-429-8889.


More Information

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