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Operations Manual


Every department in the College has a faculty committee to make recommendations regarding tenure. The committee decides on the criteria for awarding tenure within the department and the mode of appraisal of the faculty members who are being considered for tenure. This appraisal must include a careful critique of the teaching ability of the faculty member. In addition to professional qualifications and achievements, other criteria are involved in the consideration of a faculty member's readiness for tenure. These other criteria include research, scholarship, compatibility with the needs of the department, and a commitment to and an acceptance of the purposes and mission of the University.

Through its chairperson, the department submits to the Dean of the College the departmental recommendations for tenure. Thereafter the Dean transmits these recommendations with his or her own recommendations to the Senior Vice President and Provost. The recommendations ultimately reach the Board of Trustees where the final judgment is made.

In addition to this primary function of the tenure committee within the department, the committee at the option of the chairperson may also assist in the annual appraisal of every non-tenured tenure-track faculty member in the department. This report is submitted to the Associate Deans, the Dean and finally to the Senior Vice President and Provost. The purpose of this annual evaluation is to inform untenured tenure-track faculty members of their performance so that they will be encouraged if their performance is satisfactory or alerted if their performance is unsatisfactory. Reports of unsatisfactory performance should be accompanied by developmental guidance for how that faculty member can improved in that area.

The department submits its final recommendations regarding tenure to the Dean of the College in early November.


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