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Operations Manual

Adjunct Faculty Parking Permit Procedure

All vehicles parked on University property must display either a valid permanent or temporary University parking permit. The University pays for parking permits for part-time faculty who are not otherwise affiliated with the University. University full-time employees (faculty and staff), graduate assistants, students, emeritus faculty and part-time staff are excluded from this policy. Faculty with emeritus status should contact the Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs for parking arrangements.

Qualifying part-time faculty members must complete a Parking Permit Application (obtained on Porches, from the department chair or from the link at right) and submit a hard copy to the department chair. The department chair verifies the application is complete and adds the part-time faculty member’s name to the parking voucher list accessed from the link at right. Once the hiring is complete for the department, the chair forwards hard copies of the parking voucher list and permit applications to the Office of the Dean for employment status verification. Names on the parking voucher list not qualifying as part-time faculty will be removed from the list, the application returned to the department chair by campus mail, and an e-mail sent with the applicant's name, reason for decline and options available for permits. All approved applications are forwarded to Parking Services and a permit is issued.

The College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean verifies each part-time faculty member receiving a permit issued for the entire academic year is teaching during the fall and spring terms. The department chair shall return permits not being utilized to the Office of the Dean within one week of the beginning of the new term for reallocation. Permits not returned to the Office of the Dean will be charged to the department.

Changes in part-time faculty member status occurring during the semester should be conveyed to the Office of the Dean via e-mail for direction. If a part-time faculty member has received their permit and found not to be eligible, they are subject to the loss of parking privileges under the part-time faculty parking permit procedure.


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