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Operations Manual

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Awards

Each academic year the College of Arts and Sciences recognizes tenure-track faculty members for outstanding service, scholarship and teaching with an award. The award entails a formal presentation of a plaque along with a stipend, added to their base salary. Additionally, non-tenure-track faculty are recognized with an award for outstanding contribution.

Nominations originate in the department and faculty are recommended to the Dean's Executive Council by the Chairperson or Program Director. The Executive Council of the College will screen nominees and make a final recommendation to the Dean. Each department may nominate a maximum of one nominee for each award category. However, in the case of team teaching, more than one faculty member might be nominated for one teaching award. In this case all members of the team would be eligible jointly to receive the full award. Departments may choose to nominate someone outside of their department.


The timetable for the awards is generally as follows:

Lat September: Call for initial nominations.

Mid October: Finalists are notified and invited to complete a full application.

Mid to late November: Finalist are notified by the Office of the Dean, Final Data Sheets are distributed.

Mid January: Finalist applications are due in the Office of the Dean.

Mid February: Dean’s Executive Council completes review and makes formal recommendations to the Dean.

April: Reception for College Faculty Awards Presentation. (Scheduled in conjunction with the annual Marianist Education Lecture.)


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