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Operations Manual

Faculty Designated Funds

The funds in faculty designated accounts are University funds set aside for the use of a particular faculty member for academic and professional expenses.  Examples of approved expenses are:

  • Travel to academic or professional conferences
  • Books for use in class or research
  • Professional journal subscriptions
  • Membership dues for a professional organization
  • Salary and benefit costs for a part-time employee (student or non-student) to perform research-related activities for a faculty member
  • Equipment or supplies for a lab
  • Software for academic or professional use

Purchases using faculty designated accounts must follow all University and College policies.  For example, purchases of computers or computing equipment must follow the University and College policies regarding purchases of computers and computing equipment.

Faculty designated accounts may not be used to pay salaries and benefits for the faculty member.

The largest amount that can be added at one time to a faculty designated account is $1,000. 

Funds may not be added to a faculty designated account in lieu of salary if a faculty member is over 100% of their twelve-month salary. 

Upon retirement or termination of a faculty member's position, the funds in the account revert to the faculty member's department.


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