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Operations Manual

Extra Compensation

The College adheres to the general University policies regarding extra compensation (Faculty Handbook Sections IX. F., G., and I.). However, there is an additional guideline in the College which does not permit a full-time faculty member to teach during both sessions of the third term, except under unusual circumstances. This exception may not be continued the following year. This guideline is based on the conviction that intense teaching over a long period of time will result in professional deterioration. For this reason, a faculty member who has taught full-time for two and one-half terms should spend the remaining half-term in some other activity, such as research, reading, travel or relaxation.

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No extra compensation is given for teaching mini courses, ASI courses, or UDI courses.

It is the responsibility of the individual faculty member to secure approval from the chairperson and dean prior to committing his or her service to any other department or office of the University.


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