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CAP Advising and Approved Course Lists

  • SSC 200 Courses Fall 2014
  • CAP Approved Courses
  • Daylighted Courses
  • Advising Tips
  • Self-Defined Clusters - Continuing Students not under CAP

CAP Social Sciences SSC 200 - Fall 2014

Look no further for a list of the CAP Social Sciences (SSC 200) offerings for Fall 2014.  You may also view the SSC 200 Themes on the web.

CAP Approved Courses

CAP Approved Courses are those courses which have been officially approved by the CAP Committee as of the date on the report.  You may also request an Excel version through the CAP office.


Daylighted Courses

Daylighted Courses are those courses which have been  temporarily approved to meet CAP components as we transition from the current General Education curriculum requirements to the CAP. You may request an Excel version of this file through the CAP office.

Advising Tips

Using the new Banner Self-Serve Advanced Search feature, you may search for courses which fulfill specified CAP Components. 

The new Catalog and updated DegreeWorks functionality will also help you find courses and how they fulfill CAP requirements.

Self-Defined Clusters - Continuing Students not under CAP

Students who entered UD under the General Education curriculum may take advantage of CAP courses by creating their own clusters.