Salary Negotiation

Negotiating salaries and benefits is a challenge for individuals at all stages of their careers. We facilitate Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops to provide women with strategies and skills to improve their lifelong earning potential, sharpen their budgeting skills,articulate their value, and build confidence in negotiating their salaries. 

Mentoring Program

The Women’s Center's Mentoring Program is designed to involve faculty and staff mentors and mentees in formal mentoring relationships. It provides a basic structure for these relationships and a support system for the participants involved.


The Higher Education Resource Services Institute (HERS) is a nationally recognized leadership workshop to elevate women in higher education.The Women’s Center along with the Office of the Provost coordinates the recruitment, application, and nomination process of faculty and staff interested in attending the HERS Institute.

ACE Women's Network-Ohio

ACE Women's Network-Ohio champions the professional advancement of university women across the state of Ohio. Their mission is to improve the status of women on college campuses and throughout higher education. The organization hosts an annual conference that provides networking opportunities as well as workshops for personal and professional development.


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