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Anastasia Stowers

Transformed by Community

Community at UD

When Anastasia Stowers thinks about UD, she smiles and says, "UD is such a community... I just can't help but succeed." As vice-president of the Student Government Association, Anastasia is helping build and sustain the welcoming and supportive community that UD is known for.

Representing Fellow Students

Students like Anastasia serve on the Student Government Association to address the needs and concerns of the undergraduate student body at the University of Dayton.

Promising Flyers

Flyer Promise, designed for seniors at partner high schools who are eligible for the need-based federal Pell Grant, provides significant scholarship and grant assistance, along with additional support.

Single set of open quotes

Coming to UD has really molded me into someone that I didn't even imagine I would be.

Anastasia Stowers, political science and criminal justice