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Joe Vicario '21

One Good Idea Leads To Another. And Another. And Then More.

An engineering capstone project was dubbed "a nearly impossible task" given the shortened on-campus semester and various project requirements. But that didn't stop Joe Vicario from developing an innovative design solution — and overcoming obstacles along the way.

Single set of open quotes

I wouldn’t be the same person without UD. I got super involved in my faith and my drive to help. Whatever I do to help others in the world from here, it’s thanks to the people who donated to the scholarship.

Joe Vicario '21, mechanical engineering

Be the Light

“The world is so messy, and there’s so much going on,” said Joe Vicario. “At UD, I’ve realized that you can make that difference. You can make that change. You can be the light in someone else’s day — in someone else’s life.”