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Vision: Key Concepts

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research


  • Make investments in faculty, staff, graduate students, and facilities in three focus areas:

    • Sustainability and Human Rights
      • Selectively build upon our cross-University strengths in advanced energy research.
      • Pay special attention to opportunities where sustainable energy and human rights researchers can work together to advance the common good.
      • Aim for an NSF Science and Technology Center.
    • Autonomous Systems
      • Leverage University strengths — including sensing, controls, machine learning, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence — while also considering contributions from humanities, social sciences, law, and business.
      • Become the first university in the country to develop and deliver a dedicated, interdisciplinary autonomous systems master's program.
      • Aim for an NSF Engineering Research Center.
    • Health and Bio-Sciences
      • Perform an honest assessment of how our strengths can be complemented by key partnerships and aligned with funding opportunities, and work together to identify a coherent thrust worthy of University seed investment.
  • Aggressively pursue corporate partners interested in deep and mutually beneficial relationships to make major investments on campus and work with researchers, faculty, and students to advance these focused research realms.
  • Invest to create more opportunities for undergraduate research and experiential learning both in these strategic areas and more broadly.
  • Provost, deans, department chairs, and the academic senate to work together to evaluate research-related policies including release time, differential course load, and mentoring of undergraduate students.