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Vision: Key Concepts

Empowering The Faculty And Staff Of The Future


  • Create loose-knit, cross-university “transdisciplinary faculties” to provide leadership along with the three themes that define our aspiration as a University — community engagement, innovation, and intercultural engagement. In collaboration with their home schools and departments, these faculties would be responsible for the development and oversight of experiential learning opportunities in each of these domains along with the development of relevant curricula.
  • Build critical mass in the research focus areas with faculty and staff hires in each school.
  • Encourage joint hires across departments and schools, and create cross-unit structures for mentoring, evaluation, and recommendations on tenure and promotion.
  • Provost and the academic senate to work together to broaden tenure and promotion criteria to also reward community-engaged scholarship, sponsored research, innovative approaches to teaching and learning, and venture creation/commercialization activities.