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Vision: Progress Report

Building the Capacity for Servant Leadership


  Under Study In Development Launched Expanding

a. Community engagement

i. Community Innovation Center strategy

ii. Fitz Center’s “Dayton Corps”

iii. Hanley Sustainability Institute’s Lincoln Hill Gardens

b. Innovation, applied creativity, and entrepreneurship

i. Planning for the Innovation Hub at the Dayton Arcade

ii. GEMnasium/Growth Education Mindset test lab on opioid addiction         

iii. Policies and practices to support faculty and staff venture creation

c. Intercultural and global engagement

i. Affordable/accessible opportunities for education abroad and intercultural immersion


ii. UDayton Global partnership for international student recruitment and success       

iii. Immigration Working Group          

iv. Strategy team for global and intercultural education

d. Residential and co-curricular experiences  

i. Infuse Commitment to Community throughout campus life

ii. Foster self-authorship, intercultural competence, and skills for community living through residential curriculum

iii. Develop a campus-wide culture of health and well-being

iv. Cultivate socially-responsible leadership and intercultural learning through co-curricular experiences