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Vision: Progress Report

Affirming Our Foundation


  Under Study In Development Launched Expanding

a. Affordability and access

i. UD-Sinclair Academy

ii. Flyer Promise Scholars Program

iii. American Talent Initiative

iv. Transfer and dual enrollment strategy

b. Diversity and intercultural inclusion

i. Enrollment Management strategies (see 1a. above)

ii. Office of Diversity and Inclusion

→ Courageous conversations at the senior level

→ Inclusive Excellence Scholar Residency

→ Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Task Force

→ Expanding capacity for inclusive faculty and staff recruitment, retention, and advancement

→ Diversity mapping and campus experience studies

c. Integration of the arts and humanities


i. Strategic plan for new scholarly focus and organizational structure for IMRI     


ii. Interdisciplinary faculty seminar, “What is the university for?”

d. Dialogue between faith and reason

i. “Difficult Conversations at the Intersections of Faith and Culture”