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Vision: Progress Report

Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research


  Under Study In Development Launched Expanding

a. Sustainability and human rights

i. National searches for executive directors for Hanley Sustainability Institute and Human Rights Center

ii. Achievement of AASHE STARS Gold rating    

iii. Application to host U.S. Secretariat for the UN Global Compact

iv. Third Biennial Social Practice of Human Rights conference

v. University-wide workshop on the Global Goals

vi. Expansion of research expertise in energy informatics

b. Autonomous systems

i. Assessment of federal and corporate partners’ needs for research and education

ii. Creation of new graduate certificates

c. Health and bio-sciences

i. Assessment of funding opportunities and academic competition in health-related bioscience/bioengineering research

d. Expanded support for undergraduate research

i. Enhanced infrastructure and improved assessments through the new Director of Experiential Learning

e. Evaluation of faculty research policies and workload

i. Revision of policies for additional compensation and outside employment