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Social Media Community Standards

The University of Dayton encourages discourse and intellectual inquiry on its social channels. With that, members in the social community are expected to act in accordance with a set of community standards including refraining from:

  • Posts that violate any state, federal, or international laws or regulations
  • Posts that contain obscenity, profanity, racism or personal attacks
  • Are fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading
  • Are off-topic or otherwise deemed inappropriate

Any post, including conversations of this nature or any post containing language that is inconsistent with, embarrassing to or destructive to the University's identity as a Catholic and Marianist institution, may be deleted at the discretion of the page administrators.

Users who do not engage in civil discourse will be reminded of the University's social media community standards. Those who continue to engage in disrespectful dialogue will be subject to having their ability to comment limited or banned from the channels entirely.



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