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University Marketing and Communications

Logo Request

The consistent and proper use of the University of Dayton logo protects and enhances the University's reputation as a top 10 national Catholic university – and allows the individual entities that make up our University to take advantage of our high-quality reputation.

To request a logo or wordmark file from the University of Dayton, simply submit the logo request form. These requests are reviewed by the University trademark team, and you will be notified of the status of your request within five business days. Please note that any marketing materials intended for an external audience must also follow the University Marketing and Communications Policy.

If your logo request is granted, you must use the logo in the format provided by the University trademark team – without any modification – and follow the logo usage guidelines. Approvals are for one-time use only.

Legal Details

All of the University of Dayton’s registered marks, as well as other names, seals and symbols that are representative of the University or its entities, whether or not registered, are the property of the University of Dayton. The University reserves the right to modify or suspend these guidelines and withdraw any permission granted under any agreement to use any University of Dayton logo. No one other than the University of Dayton may claim copyright or trademark rights or seek to register any design that uses University of Dayton trademarks. The University reserves the right to take action against any misuse or unfair, misleading, diluting or infringing use of University of Dayton trademarks or logos.


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