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University Marketing and Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

A brand is more than a design element, a font or a color palette. It's who we are at our core. And at the University of Dayton, the heart of our brand lives in our Marianist educational philosophy. To learn more, visit the brand site or watch our video:

Every day, the University communicates with thousands of people, from high school students to Fortune 500 CEOs. Because of such a diverse audience, we must speak about ourselves consistently. When people encounter our brand, we want them to know we are a top-tier Catholic research university. By consistently presenting ourselves, our audience feels like they are getting the same values and mission from every area they interact with – it's presenting a cohesive and familiar identity.

All marketing and communications, print and digital, must adhere to University-approved branding guidelines. Please refer to the University Marketing and Communications Policy for additional information.

To create professional, branded materials, you may use one of our self-service templates, which are available to faculty and staff at no cost. You may also hire a brand-approved freelancer; information is available in the marketing toolkit.

Our marketing toolkit provides tips, tricks and resources on creating branded materials.

Through our self-service marketing templates, you can easily create branded, customized materials from your computer – without any special software or design knowledge. Templates are available to faculty and staff at no cost. You may also create the piece on your own or work with a freelancer; your office is responsible for any costs and ensuring the piece meets the University's brand guidelines.

Authorized campus users can access our photo library to browse and download photos. (Read the user guide (.pdf) before getting started.)

Please note all pieces (print and digital) must follow the University Marketing and Communication Policy.

If you are creating a piece using our self-service marketing templates, the fonts are embedded into the templates; you do not need to purchase or install them.

If you are working with a pre-approved freelancer, he or she will have the typefaces and use them to create your pieces; you do not need to purchase them.

If you are creating a piece without using one of the above methods, you will need to purchase the fonts. The approved University fonts and purchasing links are listed in the typography section of the brand guidelines. You can purchase an entire font family or a single typeface (bold, italic, Roman, etc.) depending on your needs. If you create a piece on your own, it still comply with the University Marketing and Communications Policy.

From an identity standpoint, logos are critical to marketing. A logo is seen as a single visible manifestation of an organization's brand, and it conveys our core values and messages. Consistently using the University of Dayton logo strengthens our national recognition and allows all programs and departments to benefit from the University's established reputation.

The University of Dayton's official logo is the updated chapel logo, which features the most recognizable symbol of the University. The logo's updated format allows for more flexibility in digital spaces. The former chapel logo and wordmark will continue to exist during a one- to two-year transition; stationery and materials in inventory should continue to be used. As materials are reordered, the updated chapel logo should be used.

There are separate Dayton Flyers logos, but these may only be used by University athletics.

Please note that the logo is to be used only for official University business. For all other uses, including commercial and non-commercial use, you must have prior written permission to use the University of Dayton name, trademarks (to include logos, seals or insignia) or other identifying symbols. Please complete the logo request form to request permission.

Any approved use of the logo must be consistent with the University's brand and logo guidelines.

To ensure all University publications and communications are accurate, efficient and consistent, the University of Dayton follows editorial style guidelines. Consistent communications with a high-quality standard of writing help portray the University's standard of excellence — and strengthen the credibility and cohesion of the University. 

The foundation of our editorial style guide is The Associated Press Stylebook (referred to as using "AP Style"), which is available to faculty, staff and students from on-campus computers. This stylebook is augmented by a University condensed style sheet that contains local usages such as building names. The dictionary to be used with AP Style is Webster's New World College Dictionary.

AP Style should be followed for all marketing and communications pieces (print and electronic) that are intended to promote the University, its departments and its programs; provide information about UD and its activities; and major internal documents. The guide does not apply to scholarly or academic works, such as research papers or grant applications; those documents should follow the style requested by their corresponding journal, research institution, etc. 

Departments and programs are encouraged to share content through the University e-newsletter platform, which automatically sends personalized newsletters to alumni and friends of the University. Using this platform allows you to share relevant and timely stories to those who are interested in it, and there is no cost to departments.

Content is added to the e-newsletter via University blogs and news articles. If you do not currently have a blog, contact the web content manager or communication coordinator for your unit — or request a blog.

If you pursue newsletter options outside of the e-newsletter platform, keep in mind that your materials must follow the University brand guidelines and University Marketing and Communication Policy. You should also contact University Advancement to discuss the timing, audience and content of your piece. 

A variety of resources are available to help promote campus events and initiatives. Please view our marketing toolkit for more information.

Yes, facilities management has guidelines for both permanent and temporary signs (exterior and interior). 

Any video that's associated with the University of Dayton must be hosted and distributed through an official channel — and adhere to certain guidelines for content and design. We have several hosting services available, depending on whether your video needs to be publicly accessible, private or secured. Complete the video upload request form to request your video be reviewed and uploaded.

University offices and programs may request personalized assistance by completing the social media consultation form. You can also view the marketing toolkit for information on social media and refer to the University's Social Media Guidelines for information on how to set up a social account, content questions, rules and responsibilities, etc.

Simply complete our story request form. Tell us what you know and what audience you think would like to hear the good news. We will determine the best ways to share the story, be it online, on social media, in video or in print.

Please email with your request at least a week before copies are needed. Please note how many copies you need, the date you need them, and if you are requesting a specific issue. Depending on quantity, a fee may be charged to cover printing expenses. Requests accommodated as quantities allow. UD Magazine is printed quarterly.

To place an announcement on Porches (which appears in the "Announcements" section on the Front Porch), please contact the UDit Help Desk at 937-229-3888 or A person in your division might also have posting privileges. Each academic division also has its own tab for news items.

To suggest a news item for possible inclusion on the "Insider's View" (main story) on Porches, please complete the story request form.


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