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Illuminating the University

Elevating UD's National Profile

University Marketing and Communications elevated UD's national profile in fiscal year 2019 by illuminating high-quality, transformative education, and record-breaking research and scholarship. This year was our first full year implementing the new brand, which resulted in cohesive and consistent pieces that communicate our vision and values. To support the new brand, we implemented a new website design across the entire University, and we piloted a brand awareness campaign in Chicago and Ohio markets to enhance familiarity and favorability among target audiences.

Points of Pride

Redesigned Website

was launched in August 2018. It is 20% faster to load and has increased traffic to key sites (29% increase to admission; 90% increase to academic units).

96.5 million

digital ad impressions were placed to support brand awareness, reputation-building, enrollment management and advancement.

Brand Awareness Campaign: Piloted in Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus & Cleveland

  • Increasing Awareness
  • Enhancing Familiarity and Favorability
  • Driving Engagement
  • Our Home is a Powerhouse

    To elevate the University's reputation in key markets, a holistic approach was developed to highlight the quality of academics and research at UD. The campaign theme, "Our Home is a Powerhouse," complements our light-centric brand and positions the University as both a place that generates ideas and solutions — and as a place that's home to people who have great potential for success.

    155% Jump in Awareness

    The brand awareness campaign aimed to increase awareness of UD and elevate the University's national reputation. Through this campaign, recall of UD's brand increased 155% year-over-year. (Measured by the number of UD brand searches conducted in FY18 versus FY19.)

    22.5% Increase in Visits

    In addition to increasing awareness, the campaign drove users to take action and engage with us. The University website saw a 22.5% increase in visits from users in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Chicago compared to the previous fiscal year.

    Telling UD's Story: News and Communications


    views of research pieces on The Conversation written by 28 UD faculty experts.

    $4.4 million

    in perceived advertising value from media outlet news coverage.


    mentions of the University of Dayton beyond Ohio markets.

    Samples of Prominent News Coverage


    See what happens when a drone hits an airplane

    Researchers at the University of Dayton simulated a midair collision of a drone and an airplane wing at 238 mph -- this is the result.

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    The Chronicle of Higher Education

    This Professor Ends Class With a Technique Used by First Responders

    Art Jipson sets a timer on his watch to chime before the end of class. It’s nearly inaudible to students, but those who notice know what comes next.

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    Ranking top colleges

    With thousands of choices, how do you find the right school? The Princeton Review's Rob Franek breaks down "hidden gems" like the University of Dayton.

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  • Advancement Communications
  • Enrollment Management Marketing
  • University Marketing
  • Advancement Communications

    The advancement marketing and communication strategy supported another successful year of fundraising, with $45.5 million given to support UD's mission and students. In addition, marketing materials for the inaugural giving day helped raise over 300% of our donor goal. In FY19, returns from advancement campaigns grew 66%, returning $25 for every $1 spent on marketing efforts.

    Enrollment Management Marketing

    Marketing for enrollment management — which included 20 million emails, 1.9 million digital ad impressions and 115 print pieces — helped the University welcome one of the largest and most academically gifted classes in University history. Approximately 16% of the class of 2023 are from underrepresented domestic racial and ethnic populations. In addition, 18% are Pell-eligible, a modern-era record and a sign that UD is improving access for students of all socio-economic backgrounds.

    University Marketing

    Marketing initiatives targeted to high school counselors and university administrators resulted in 16.5 million digital ad impressions, a 0.20% click-through rate and 6,100 acquisitions (engaged leads). The campaign saw engagement from 38% of targeted high schools and 47% of targeted universities. Additional digital advertising helped promote the University's excellence in research and academics to broad audiences, and our social media efforts led to increased engagement on the University's main channels.