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Flexible and Customer-Focused

UDRI is nationally renowned for providing customers with quality research outcomes and engineering solutions to the most demanding problems, on budget and on time. Below are several areas in which we can work with you, including careers, contract vehicles, purchasing, quality, small business, subcontracting, technology transfer, and more.

Add UDRI to Your Team

Obtain UDRI's research services quickly and efficiently

UDRI's customer orientation, flexibility, and responsiveness allow customers to obtain our services in rapid fashion.
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Apply today

We employ people with a passion for innovation and offer opportunities to grow their research interests and careers.
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Internships and Student Employment

Offering great value to customers while developing exceptional employees

Our student employment programs allow us to deliver services at lower cost than contracting agencies with the added benefit of measurable progress and visible results.
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Experienced in government contracting requirements

UDRI's purchasing system is approved under federal standards.
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Accredited, Certified, and Dedicated to Quality

UDRI employees are trained in quality management principles and collaborate to improve work processes.
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Small Business

Committed to helping small business grow and succeed

We believe small business entrepreneurs' participation in the local and national economy fosters innovation, creativity, and competition.
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Helping our business partners succeed

If you wish to subcontract with UDRI, information and required forms are on our Subcontractor and Subrecipient page.
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Technology Transfer

Partnering in Tomorrow

Our Technology Partnerships Office handles Intellectual Property management and coordinates activities for commercializing and licensing inventions.
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