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Internships and Student Employment

Providing significant value and project success

Through several innovative programs, UDRI offers substantial savings while delivering outstanding quality. Below are just a few of the ways we provide our clients with significant value and ensure project success.

Co-Ops and Internships

By means of co-ops and internships, several organizations in UDRI are able to hire advanced STEM high school and university students into part-time jobs. This allows the students to perform and fulfill their co-op or internship requirements and allows us to offer reduced labor rates to our customers. Our internship and co-op employees are under continual supervision and review to ensure their work meets industry standards as well as our rigorous quality standards.

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Work-to-School Program

Through our Work-to-SchoolTM (WTS) program, we hire advanced, high-performing high school and university students into full-time software engineering employment as they continue their education. The program allows us not only to provide outstanding value to our clients, but also to mold students into strong software engineers as they work toward a degree.

By using WTS, we can deliver services at lower cost than local contracting agencies, with the added benefit of visible, measurable progress and results. Furthermore, we are not-for-profit and an objective third party, so we are motivated to perform quality work accurately, on time, and within customer budgets.

WTS employees receive continuous status checks, regular work reviews, and daily client interaction to ensure transparency and accountability. Thus, our WTS employees get real-world experience and produce quality results by following our established processes.

Work-to-School vs. Offshoring. While our intent is not to compete directly with offshore resources, we know clients sometimes look overseas for potential savings. However, WTS is better than offshoring—not only because the program trains and strengthens future software engineers, but also for these client-beneficial reasons:

  • Avoids high turnover associated with offshore resources
  • Builds stronger working relationships due to the ability to associate names with faces
  • Fosters easier collaboration due to the proximity of resources
  • Keeps dollars in the local economy instead of sending them overseas
  • Provides cost-competitiveness comparable to or in many cases superior to offshoring
  • Provides greater accountability and investment among project personnel
  • Provides the potential for extended or even 24×7 support if needed

Contact us today and see how Work-to-School can help accomplish your project objectives successfully and efficiently!

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