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News Years 2016-2018


New award to support advanced structures for aerospace
$44 million award to University of Dayton Research Institute to support research in advanced structures technologies for Air Force

We’re number 1!
The University of Dayton performs more sponsored materials research than any other college in the country.

Southern Expansion
Our new technology and training center in Georgia is ramping up advanced technologies for Air Force systems sustainment.

Risk in the Sky?
University of Dayton Research Institute impact tests prove large aircraft won’t always win in collision with small drones.

75 tons—plus gravity!
Landing gear on fully loaded aircraft endure a lot of force. UDRI is working to keep them strong on the job.

Ready, Set—Grow!
University of Dayton Research Institute reorganizes in preparation for continued growth in research scope and jobs.

UDRI awarded $72 million-ceiling Air Force contract for Quick-Reaction Evaluation program
UDRI will continue to support AFRL in reducing costs, creating a safer working environment, and increasing Air Force systems availability.

Wind turbine donation to power up alternative energy research and education
A donation of a new wind turbine will boost alternative-energy research and educational opportunities at UDRI’s Energy Experience Center.

Battling addiction with brainpower
In the face of a national opioid addiction crisis, UDRI researchers work to find solutions that can help and heal those most in need.

Better coatings, better fuel efficiency
UDRI has been awarded $1.5 million for coatings research designed to improve aircraft engine efficiency.


Extending sight in the sky
UDRI awarded $15 million to support development of Air Force air-launched unmanned sensing systems; research will focus on developing small UAVs that can be launched from larger host aircraft in flight.

UDRI Structures researchers will design hypersonic vehicles, perform experiments, and conduct analysis to verify performance of aerospace structures that can survive extreme environmental stresses.

Better materials, better processes, better repairs
UDRI researchers will continue critical work on campus and at WPAFB in adhesives, sealants, elastomers, textiles, composites, and other materials that they’ve performed for the Air Force for nearly 40 years.

Supporting the new C-5 inlet
A recent research program to develop and demonstrate a new aircraft part demonstrated something else as well—the diversity of research talent, labs and equipment that makes UDRI a one-stop shop for customers.

Supporting Mars 2020—and beyond
A highly successful test of a prototype power generator at the University of Dayton Research Institute bodes well for NASA’s plans to expand its exploration of Mars with the next rover mission.

Keep on truckin' with natural gas
An Ohio-based initiative to develop affordable, safer and recyclable compressed-gas fuel tanks for the trucking and automotive industry, led by the University of Dayton Research Institute, is underway with the kick-off of its first collaborative project.

Leland selected for second term
Ohio Gov. John Kasich reappointed John Leland, University of Dayton vice president for research, to the Ohio Aerospace and Aviation Technology Committee for a two-year term.


Making additive accessible
UDRI will use Ohio funding to help make additive manufacturing more accessible to area businesses.

FASTLANE funding renewed
Area manufacturers will benefit from services provided by UDRI's FastLane, the Manufacturing Extension Partnership in West-Central Ohio.

Mohawk Guy visits UDRI
NASA's Bobak Ferdowsi visited UDRI's MMRTG lab to learn about our R&D in power for space travel.

We're celebrating!
During its 60th anniversary year, UDRI has broken records and surpassed milestones for annual and cumulative research and employee population.

Additive manufacturing for low-cost sustainment
UDRI, YSU and partners will work to help Air Force adopt additive manufacturing for low-cost sustainment.

Improving prediction tools
Equipping engineers with better analytical tools will make for better aerospace systems.

Help for victims of crime
A new mobile app technology developed by UDRI in partnership with Family Services will quickly put resources in victims' hands.

Room for bigger structures, small and large testing under one room. Smart!

Helping the Air Force save energy
UDRI is demonstrating energy-saving technologies at the Air Force's new Forward Operating Base of the Future.

Crafting cleaner, more robust fuels
A $70 million award from the Air Force will expand research into advanced fuels and combustion technologies.

Expanding research in composites
The University of Dayton Research Institute will expand its work in advanced composites under a new award from the Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate.

Leading the way in materials
UDRI will lead a new Materials and Manufacturing Center of Excellence


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