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News Years 2013–2015


Allan Crasto named director, UDRI
Associate Director Allan Crasto will take the helm Jan. 1.

Improving sustainment, enterprise-wide
UDRI will use new funding from the AFLCMC to help the Air Force implement cost-saving technologies for fleet sustainment.

New research office
UDRI's ever-growing research in sensors has spawned the creation of a new office for specialized sensors research.

Boosting metal additive manufacturing in Ohio
UDRI's FASTLANE MEP and partners will use a grant from Ohio to help manufacturers adopt metal additive manufacturing.

Toward cleaner burning, better performing engines
UDRI has been awarded a $21.6 million-ceiling AF contract for research in combustion and components.

University names VP for Research
John Leland, UDRI Director and Associate VP for Research, has been named UD's VP for Research

Helping Ohio's manufacturers
UDRI will use a $1.5 million award from the Ohio Development Services Agency, through its Manufacturing Extension Partnership, to help aerospace manufacturers become more competitive.

Helping the world find answers
UDRI's "black box" research helped investigators in their search for answers about the fate of Germanwings Flight 9525.

Natural gas for trucks and cars
UDRI will lead an Ohio initiative to develop composite natural gas fuel tanks.

A better pallet
UDRI has been commissioned to design a fully recyclable cargo pallet for the DOD.


Successful test of Orion supported by UDRI
Before Orion's test launch, researchers tested thermal protection systems and materials.

Award to benefit UDRI
A $10 million award to AFRL for additive manufacturing will benefit the Research Institute.

Leland named to aerospace panel
UDRI Director John Leland will serve on a new Ohio panel to boost the aerospace industry in the state.

High-tech help for victims
Family Services of Dayton and UDRI are partnering to develop a mobile app for victims of crime.

The art of life prediction
New contract to help Air Force extend the life of aerospace components and materials.

Making lighter cars safer
UDRI and the ACC are working to fill the research gap that will enable tomorrow's lighter, safer cars.

Below the surface
Researchers will use nondestructive evaluation technologies to help the Air Force better predict materials behavior.

A new thrust
UDRI was awarded a $100 million-ceiling Air Force contract for R&D in propulsion technologies.

New radar lab to step up sensing
UD's new radar lab will improve sensing for manufacturing, medicine, aviation and more.

Environmental superhero
UDRI's program to use algae for alternative fuels and carbon capture has moved outdoors.

Award winning innovation
UDRI's Bob Kauffman helped the Research Institute win an Innovation Index award.

Fighting bacteria, helping the environment
Patents have been awarded for technologies to help fight bacterial resistance and for environmentally friendlier coatings.

Honorary Commander
UDRI Director John Leland will serve as an Honorary Commander for the 88th Air Base Wing.

Our research is out of this world
UDRI scientists will test power systems for Mars rover and future space missions.


Boosting power
UDRI's newest endowed researcher will boost R&D efforts in advanced power systems.

Advancing alternative fuels
UDRI is part of a team that will lead the FAA's new Center of Excellence in alternative fuels and environment.

Teamwork saves life
When a researcher suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the job, the quick actions of colleagues saved his life.

Standing by findings
Researcher Bob Kauffman stands by original findings in TWA800 investigation.

Stepping up awareness
Sensors researchers will use a $3 million award to advance technologies for security agencies and first responders.

Life in the FASTLANE
UDRI receives award to provide business and technical assistance to small businesses.

Another additive manufacturing win
UDRI will benefit from the first round of NAMII awards.

Quick response evaluation
UDRI has been awarded a $45 million-ceiling contract to continue its work in quick evaluation of materials and processes.

Putting new technologies to work
UDRI and Concurrent Technologies Corporation will help transition energy and environmental technologies to practical use through a new joint venture.

Alternative fuels ready for engine test
New seed oil-based fuel ready to move from lab to engine testing.


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