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News Years 2010–2012


Fixing a sticky situation
Proteins, not human error, are causing unwanted seizing of surgical hardware, according to a new study.

Hot technology
UDRI has been awarded an Air Force contract for advanced thermal and power technologies.

When ingenuity meets Curiosity
UDRI researcher Chad Barklay helped develop the technology that will power the Curiosity rover on Mars.

Printing aerospace parts
UDRI wins $3 million award for new program in print manufacturing.

Award winning technology
R&D Magazine has named SMART sensors one of the top 100 most technologically significant products.

UDRI researcher works to make materials more resistant to fire.

Future flight
$44.3 million contract will support research in safely extending structural life and designing new structures for current and future air and space vehicles.

UDRI wins prime spot on newest Air Force Design Engineering Support Program.


A different kind of bird
UDRI will help deliver an innovative new helicopter design developed for the U.S. Army.

Scientists take top prize
Alternative fuels researchers from AFRL and UDRI awarded Air Force Association's top prize in science.

Keeping them flying
A $23 million Air Force contract will support R&D in nonmetallic materials for continued safety and performance of air and ground vehicles.

Aerial farm aid
UAVs may soon be flying over America's heartland to help farmers better manage their crops.

Surface protection
Research under a $24.5 million Air Force contract will help protect aircraft from the elements.

SMART technology licensed
A Dayton company has licensed new RFID technology invented at UDRI.

Rapid reusability
A $48.6 million Air Force award will support R&D in hypersonic flight and rapidly reusable aerospace vehicles.

I can see clearly now
Breakthrough in image compression technology enables high-speed transmission of large, quality images.

SMART sensors may help prevent injury
A new sensor developed at UDRI can automatically report conditions to materials and products that might prove hazardous.


Another save by 'crushable concrete'
UDRI researchers helped develop a runway arresting system that has prevented serious injury and likely saved lives.

We're number one!
UDRI performs more federally funded materials research than any other college in the nation.

$44.5 million for advanced materials
A six-year AFRL contract will support research, development and technical transition of advanced composite, hybrid and thermally engineered materials.

A 'monster garage' for UAV research
UDRI's Center for UAV Exploitation is up and running.

Battling blindness
A “smart” nanomaterial developed for multi-purpose use in large-scale commercial applications may also lead to a significant breakthrough in glaucoma treatment.

Fuzzy Fiber
A game-changing new nanomaterial will enable composites that multitask.

History in the Making
UDRI scientists played a role in making aviation history March 25, 2010.

Blowin' in the Wind
UDRI’s significant experience in aerospace and materials research made an expansion into wind energy a breeze.


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