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News Years 2004–2006


Protection Systems Are Focus of New Army Contract
From improved armored vehicles and shelters to better body armor, the goal of a new five-year, $15 million Army contract is to save lives. The program will use nanotechnology to address an immediate need for strong but lightweight armor for existing military vehicles.

Advanced Sensors
The University of Dayton and partners have won a $28 million Ohio Third Frontier grant to develop and commercialize sensor technology.

UDRI Marks 50 Years of "Imagination, Investigation, Innovation"
On Sept. 1, 1956, the University of Dayton Research Institute was born and, after 50 years, has emerged as a globally recognized leader in research and development of technologies that have advanced science and benefited mankind.

Nanotechnology for Low-Cost Tooling
UDRI researchers were awarded $2.1 million in Ohio Third Frontier funds to be used for nanotechnology research aimed at helping Ohio regain its footing as a leader in the tooling industry.

Developing Better, Safer Batteries
Two Dayton researchers have been awarded a patent for advanced battery technology that will aid the U.S. in its effort to wean from dependence on foreign oil.


UDRI Developing Drinking Water Protection System
UDRI has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army’s Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center to safeguard Americans’ drinking water from a bioterrorist attack – at home and overseas.

AFRL Tests Transparent Armor
UDRI researcher Ron Hoffman is involved in testing a new type of transparent armor that is lighter, stronger and more viable than any similar material currently available.

UDRI Wins Grant for Clean-Coal Research
The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority awarded UDRI $160,000 to determine how, when and why the mercury in coal changes form when coal is burned. Understanding this is critical to allowing coal-burning utilities to develop pollution control systems that will effectively capture mercury released from coal before it is emitted into the air, water and eventually our food chain.

UDRI Works to Speedily Spot Aircraft Problems, Reduce Delays
Automated structural health monitoring will quickly identify aircraft problems so planes can get off the ground faster and mechanics can move on to additional tasks.

Ohio Third Frontier funds awarded for polymer nanotechnology research
UDRI and partners have been awarded $22.5 million to establish a Wright Center of Innovation, becoming the "crown jewel" in the university's multi-tiered effort to help bring an emerging technology to market and boost Ohio's economy.

UDRI conducts FAA testing for airplane with propellers on both ends
In tests performed by UDRI and observed by the FAA, Hartzell Propeller Inc.'s airfoil propeller on the Adam Aircraft's A500 survived as 3.25-inch diameter ice balls pummeled it at speeds of up to 520 miles per hour using a compressed-gas gun. The testing simulated ice impacting the propeller while the aircraft is in flight.


UDRI Emerging as 'Cinderella' of Advanced Materials
According to the National Science Foundation, UDRI has for the first time taken the number two spot in materials research and development among all universities and colleges in the United States, including premier research institutions such as MIT and Georgia Tech, moving ahead of Ohio State University to take the top seat in materials in the state.

New Technology to Find Defects in Aging Aircraft Engines
The first model of the federally funded Turbine Engine Sustainment Initiative system is ready to take flight. The system has the potential to save taxpayer dollars and create high-tech jobs.

Groundbreaking Work in Jet Engine Containment
Robert Brockman's innovative work in testing high-strength fabrics for jet engine containment have earned him UDRI's 2003-2004 Wohlleben-Hochwalt Outstanding Professional Research Award.

"Jump Jet" Engine Fix Designed at UDRI
A lightweight "simple fix" for a problematic jet engine ring has proven successful and will be applied to the entire Harrier fleet, saving the Navy dollars and man hours.

$1 Billion and Growing
UDRI has topped the $1 billion mark in sponsored research and is on its way to breaking last year's record of $53 million.


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