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News Years 2001–2003


New Aging Aircraft Center
UDRI has teamed with the Texas Engineering Experiment Station and Georgia Tech Research Institute to establish an Academic Center for Aging Aircraft with $4.2 million funding from the Department of Defense.

Stopping Runaway Planes
When a cargo plane this summer overran the runway at JFK International Airport, it came safely to a stop in a bed of crushable material. UDRI researchers are making sure this material continues to do its job.

Safer Cooking
Frying with canola oil releases more toxic fumes into the air than frying with olive oil, according to a new study conducted at UDRI. And frying at temperatures higher than the recommended 350 F releases higher levels of toxins.

Off to the Races
UDRI is the sole sulky certifier for US Trotting Association harness racing.

Air Force Awards UDRI $31.5 Million Contract
A five-year contract from Wright-Patterson AFB will be used to develop better, cheaper fuel.

Air Force Research Earns UDRI’s Top Honor
Both of this year's winners were investigating foreign-object damage and its consequences on the fatigue life of aircraft engine fan and compression blades.

UDRI Wins Funding Boost for Aging Aircraft Inspection
UDRI has received $1.75 million in new funding to start the technology transfer process for the Turbine Engine Sustainment Initiative.

It's Not a Fish Tank
Research engineers have built a prototype ultrasonic inspection machine that looks for defects in turbine engine disks in the military's aging aircraft fleet.

UDRI and YSI, Inc. Collaborate in Chemical Sensor Development

Record-Breaking Technology Developed at the University of Dayton Will Have Significant Impact for Scientists, Consumers, Environment
UDRI researchers have developed powerful new nanocomposite magnets that could fuel advances in everything from aircraft to laptop computers.

Better, Cheaper Fuel
The von Ohain Fuels and Combustion Center is established to develop fuels that will make jet engines cleaner, safer and more efficient.


As U.S. Prepares For Possible War With Iraq, Army Moves Toward Adopting UDRI Technology
The U.S. Army plans to use a technology developed by UDRI in a new refrigerator designed to store blood and move it through battlefields.

Web Sites Still Not Compliant With Accessibility Law
A UDRI human factors expert can help customers meet federal accessibility standards for their websites. "Designing products for a wide audience - including disabled users - is critical," both legally and morally.

UDRI Researchers Make a Key Finding in FAA Study of 1996 Explosion of TWA Flight 800
There may be a link between fuel deposits containing silver and airplane fuel tank explosions.

No Enigma
A UDRI chemist and his student son have developed "unbreakable" cryptography, for which UDRI has applied for a patent and is investigating licensing.

Would You Like Fries With Your Technology?
A technology developed at the University of Dayton has been shown to cut a fast food restaurant's shortening consumption by as much as 84 percent. 

UD Researchers Cross Discipline Lines to Collaborate on Fuel Cell Research
Three University of Dayton researchers with diverse backgrounds, work experiences and educational interests are pooling their talents to tackle big problems. Together, they are working to reduce pollution, improve transportation and bolster international relations.


Ice-Free Refrigeration
A Dayton company is using technology developed by UDRI to fight against bioterrorism.

Bumper Improvements Tested
A live test of the "Humpy Bumper" continues UDRI's contributions to improved stock car racing safety.

Saving the Lives of Drivers
UDRI engineers are conducting crash simulation studies of a new lightweight composite car bumper intended for NASCAR use.

Developing Novel Polymeric Materials
With a new multi-million dollar contract, UDRI continues a long working relationship with the Air Force Research Laboratory in the area of polymer research.

Testing Data Recorder Improvements
UDRI's Impact Physics group studies how well an aircraft "black box" and its memory unit can survive a crash.


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