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News Years 1998–2000


Support for Materials Research
UDRI receives two large, multi-year contracts from the Air Force for research on composite, adhesive, elastomer, and sealant materials.

Keep Aging Fleets Flying
UDRI has won three multi-million dollar "task order" contracts in the last six months and hired 50 people.

E-Beam Research Lab Established
UDRI recently established the world’s first university-operated research facility for studying a new process to manufacture polymer composite materials. The Laboratory for Research on Electron Beam Curing of Composites provides a unique environment for investigating fundamental issues in using electron beam irradiation to initiate thermoset polymerization reactions at room temperature.

Wearable Computers
The human factors group is evaluating a new lightweight glasses-mounted display under an SBIR contract.

Supporting the Air Force
UDRI will open a satellite office in Ogden, Utah to carry out projects in a new five-year, $450 million program to increase defense readiness and reduce the operations and maintenance costs of Air Force systems.

Quality Systems
On December 14, 1999, three UDRI operating groups were recommended for registration to ISO 9001.


Advanced Battery Technology
UDRI researchers are developing the next generation of lithium batteries, with improved safety and cost performance.


Making Aviation Safer
One of the major national partnerships in which UDRI participates is the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Airworthiness Assurance Center of Excellence (AACE).

Exploring Human Capabilities and Limits
The UDRI Human Factors Group (HFG) is an ongoing partnership of experienced engineers and psychologists.

New Center for Materials Diagnostics
The Center is poised to become the world’s leading materials characterization laboratory focused on the assessment and prevention of mechanical and environmental degradation in advanced materials.

Dayton Contributes to the History of Magnetic Materials

UDRI Researcher Honored
Steven S. Zabarnick helped to develop a low-cost additive package for military fuel.


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