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Light Armor Testing and Evaluation

 Bullet impact (left) and protective glass shot with 20mm fragment simulating projectiles (right)

Testing and Qualification for Better Protection

UDRI's Impact Physics Laboratory has the facilities and expertise to carry out armor qualification, body armor testing, ballistic limit evaluation, light-armor vehicle testing, numerical code validation, and penetration studies.

This lab features an extensive array of both smoothbore and rifled barrels from 0.22 caliber through 30mm and a compliment of both NATO and foreign Ball and Armor Piercing ammunition. Our researchers can launch a wide variety of projectiles used for sport, hunting, defense, law enforcement and military, as well as long rod penetrators (LRPs), fragment simulating projectiles (FSPs), and saboted munitions.

We test to both domestic and foreign commercial and military standards; you can download our ballistic standards list below.

Capabilities / Typical Projects

  • Armor development and certification testing
  • Ballistic limit evaluation of light armor materials
  • High velocity fragmentation studies
  • Penetration resistance studies of geologic materials

Contact us and let us help with your needs in armor testing and qualification, ballistics evaluation, vehicle armor testing, and penetration research.

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Top: High-speed camera images of bullet impact on ceramic armor (left) and protective glass shot with 20mm fragment simulating projectiles (right).


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