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Fire Safety Science and Material Flammability

Cone calorimeter test underway at UDRI

Flame Retardant Material Design, Testing, Analysis, and Connection to Real World Fire Safety Regulations

UDRI offers over 24 years of experience in flame retardant research and polymeric material fire safety; we can deliver practical solutions to industrial, government, and academic customers. We specialize in flame retardant solutions that meet regulatory tests for both thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Research also covers combustion and emissions research of burning plastics for energy recovery and development of more sustainable fire safety solutions.

Research projects with UDRI in this area can simply involve fire testing, or can include product development and design. We also offer literature searches and analysis for patent and proposal writing that take advantage of an extensive intelligent database of fire safety and flame retardancy papers. We can also provide consulting services for meeting regulatory tests and product development. With all projects, the customer owns all of the data and intellectual property unless UDRI is bringing existing technology to the project that requires licensing.

Our current research in fire safety science serves industry, academia, and government customers, both in the United States and overseas.

UDRI Fire Safety Science Capabilities (PDF, 294 KB)
UDRI Fire Testing & Fire Safe Materials Development Capabilities (PDF, 423KB)


  • Cone Calorimeter (FTT)
  • Micro Combustion Calorimeter (D7309)
  • UL-94 Test Station
  • Horizontal Flammability Tester
  • Vertical Flammability Tester
  • Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

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