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Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Research

Flightline HVAC testing of C-17 Globemaster III

Comprehensive Capability to Measure and Provide Decision-Grade Requirements for Flightline-Related Aerospace Ground Support Equipment (AGE)

UDRI has developed and demonstrated a comprehensive test capability, data collection and data analysis to the USAF for both aircraft and flightline air conditioning carts. The capability is portable and has been demonstrated on USAF flightlines and can be extended to civilian flightlines. Custom test plans were devised for F-15E RMP and C-17A aircraft and can be prepared for other specific aircraft configurations to measure individual flow rates up to 400 lbs/min. Precision airflow, temperature and pressure data is automatically collected and stored for future analysis.

Information provided to the USAF guides their future acquisition of common HVAC systems servicing several aircraft platforms, thus reducing cost and providing a smaller maintenance logistics footprint on both fixed bases and deployments.

To date, we have tested multiple aircraft platforms for the USAF.


  • Complete test plan development
  • Flightline HVAC test equipment system development
  • Fire safety science and material flammability
  • Flightline HVAC data collection and analysis services
  • Flightline HVAC consultation

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