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Advanced Power Components

Batteries used for energy research being recharged in UDRI's Battery Lab

Efficient Power for Better Performance

UDRI's Advanced Power Components (APC) researchers apply their expertise in the areas of thin film deposition and processing; materials characterization; device to system-level design, fabrication, and testing; thermal management of electronic components; and real-time modeling and simulation for aircraft and small UAV power systems.

Our APC researchers are currently exploring the development of safe, solid-state lithium ion batteries for aircraft applications; advanced magnetic materials that will improve the performance of generators, motors, and other electromagnetic devices; and thermal management of power electronics devices through utilization of advanced packaging components such as customized thermal interface materials based on carbon nanotubes.

Recently, our APC focus has broadened to encompass system integration of aircraft power as well as thermal and mechanical subsystems. Specifically, we are researching intelligent monitoring and re-distribution of energy within various aircraft platforms to ensure stability and optimize performance. 


  • Characterizing materials for energy storage devices on the basis of specific energy density, specific power and cycle life
  • Determining the probable failure mechanisms of energy storage and dielectric materials through electrical characterization techniques
  • Evaluating materials for capacitor applications in terms of capacitance and dissipation factor versus frequency, dielectric breakdown strength, and insulation resistance
  • Investigating the thermal- mechanical contributions to the failure of high temperature power devices via computer modeling and experimental verification
  • Quantifying the thermal- mechanical and electron transport behavior of materials for semiconductor applications

Our researchers are working with NASA, DOD, OSU and Safran to develop a new aircraft power generation approach which will significantly reduce weight, provide fuel savings and reduced carbon footprint for passenger aircraft and UAVs.

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