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Additive Manufacturing Quality Inspection

Advanced OEM Solution OEMPA Ultrasonic Phased Array Instrument

Verifying AM for High Quality

UDRI has an open architecture, metals, powder-bed laser-fusion additive manufacturing system with multiple in-situ, in-process monitoring sensors and post-process inspection capabilities. Our system has a 4-inch square build plate and a 500W fiber laser with collimator.

Preliminary process monitoring sensors include the following:

  • Stratonics ThermaViz® Melt-Pool Sensor with high-speed ThermaViz Melt-Pool Process monitoring software
  • Stratonics ThermaViz Global Heat Flow Sensor – High Resolution
  • Stratonics ThermaViz Spectral Sensor
  • Keyence laser profilometer
  • Grasshopper3 9.1 MP Color GigE Vision Camera


Post-process inspection capabilities consist of the following:

  • Advanced OEM Solution OEMPA Ultrasonic Phased Array instrument with Full Matrix Capture and Total Focusing Method
  • 1-D and 2-D matrix probe capability

The system is designed for laboratory use to test the effect of various materials and process variables as well as to study process monitoring and the development of process control schemes. The open-architecture design allows modification to the system for advanced studies that are impossible or difficult with proprietary systems.

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