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The UD Systems Status website provides timely information about planned maintenance, disruptions, outages and other information about technology systems and services at the University of Dayton.

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Current Outages

Type Service Offering Date Time

There are no current outages.



Planned Outage

Type Service Offering Date Time
Planned Outage

Banner PROD

Banner Prod will be undergoing maintenance to fix performance-related issues. Banner INB, Banner SSB, BDM, Automic, Runway, ODSP and DegreeWorks will all be unavailable during this time.

Jul 12


Planned Outage

Phone Lines

Phone lines will be down temporarily for maintenance.

Jul 10


Planned Outage


Banner Maintenance Schedule for 2018

Jul 14

Aug 11

Sep 8

Oct 13

Nov 9 - Nov 11

8am – 12pm

8am – 12pm

8am – 12pm

8am – 12pm

 Full Upgrades

Recent Outages

Type Service Offering Date

Menu phones calls dropping

During an upgrade of the phone switch, phones with a menu were experiencing calls dropping within 30 seconds.

May 30 - Jun 1

Novell Shared Drive Degradation

Some Novell storage was temporarily inaccessible. Some users were experiencing an 8884 error message upon mapping drives.

June 20

Network Outage

We experienced a network outage in Kettering Labs.

June 23
Service Note

Campus Network

OARnet Maintenance

Jun 26

Service Note

Campus phone and voicemail

Intermittent phone outages and busy signals

Jul 10-12

Service Note

Banner SSB Channels

Porches SSB Channels not loading properly.

Jul 17