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Student Computer Requirement

Student Computer Requirement

All UD students are required to have a notebook computer.  Computer hardware and software requirements vary depending on your major.  You buy the computer based on the requirements for your major and UD supplies the software required for your major including Microsoft Office at no cost.

Hardware Requirements

Majors preferring Windows-based notebook Majors preferring MacBook Pro notebook Majors requiring MacBook Pro notebook

College of Arts & Sciences(except Music & Department of Art & Design)

School of Business

School of Education & Health Professions(except Art Education)

School of Engineering

Department of Music

Art Education program in the School of Education and Health Professions

Department of Art & Design

Specifications for Summer & Fall 2019 (Published 5/24/2019 - subject to change until 7/1/2019)

Suggested Minimum Specifications for Windows and Macs (PDF) 

Help Me Choose (Interactive Website for Windows 10 devices - no guarantee results match UD requirements)


The best computing experience includes the purchase of a Windows-based business class laptop running Windows 10 (Professional/Enterprise/Education or a MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.6/10.14.x.  Home versions of a Windows OS and tablet RT versions are not recommended.  Windows 7 reached end of life standard support from Microsoft 4/15/15.  Windows 8.1 reached end of life standard support from Microsoft 1/9/2018.  

The Mac Retina display may cause issues for Engineering majors as some Windows software is not designed for it.

Engineering students choosing to bring a Mac must keep in mind the 250 GB requirement for the Windows partition.  All other Windows based majors need 100 GB of space to allocate to a Windows partition on a Mac.


Accessories are available for purchase from the UD Bookstore (except CD's and manuals included with notebook computer).


  • External hard drive and/or USB (a.k.a. "thumb" or "flash" drive to use for regularly saving back-up copies of critical files like papers and class projects.
  • External hard drive for full system backups (Mac - Time Machine or Windows - Backup & Restore)
  • Laptop Security Cable Lock to help deter against notebook theft in your residence and in public places
  • Network cable (a.k.a. "data" or "cat 5 Ethernet" cable) to connect to the wired campus network for faster software downloads and heavy-duty on-line work
  • Notebook CDs, user manuals, other software installation CDs, etc. just in case they’re needed for technical support purposes


  • Laptop Case to help prevent physical damage when taking notebook around campus and off campus
  • Printer - There are printers available around campus as part of a pay-to-print program, but not in the residence halls.  Many students opt to bring a standard inkjet or black and white LaserJet personal printer.  The supported connection types for printers in student housing facilities are Bluetooth and USB. 

Note: Ethernet and wireless network printing will not work in any student housing facility.  Devices connecting to the UD network must be able to run a network access control agent or a web browser for username/password authentication to get Internet connectivity.

Operating Systems

UDit supports OS versions:

  • MacOS 10.13.4 or newer (preferred)
  • Windows 10 version 1809 or newer (preferred)

Note: Home, Starter and RT versions of Windows operating system not recommended as full support cannot be guaranteed with University systems and software.

Warranty vs Insurance

Warranty and insurance are two different things…

Warranty - covers manufacturer’s defects only

Coverage is generally provided when you purchase a notebook.

Contact the support vendor for your notebook before coming to UD and ask what you need to do to get support while on campus. 

Not sure if you have warranty support?  Check your receipt/packing slip, or contact the notebook vendor or manufacturer. 

Note:  Check with us for out-of-warranty support and software support. We are unable to perform hardware warranty repair for student and non-UD owned notebooks as it would void the warranty.  However, we will provide guidance to let you know if your issue would be covered by our technical staff.

Insurance - covers issues like accidental damage and theft

Accidental damage (i.e. drop, liquid spill) and theft is most often not part of the warranty and not included with the purchase of a notebook.

UD strongly recommends that you purchase an insurance policy that covers accidental damage or theft of your notebook.

Where to get insurance:  

  • Your existing homeowners insurance - You may already have coverage through your existing policy or you may be able to purchase extra insurance to cover the notebook – check with your insurance agent.
  • A technology insurance company

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