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Faculty Features

Faculty Features

This page contains all of the Faculty Feature videos included in the monthly E-Learning Update newsletters. Faculty Features demonstrate exciting ways faculty are using e-learning tools in their classrooms.

April 2017 - Joe Haus - Recording In-Class Lectures

What can be done for students who can't attend class due to remote location, illness, or travel for business? Dr. Joe Haus of the Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics simply uses a camera, a chair, and Isidore's Warpwire Video tool to record his in-class lectures and post them online for a remotely located student. Hear from both Dr. Haus and the remote student in the video below!

March 2017 - Michelle Hayford - Sign-Up Tool

With the increased emphasis on experiential learning at UD, Dr. Michelle Hayford, Director of UD's Theatre, Dance, and Performance Technology Program, uses the Sign-Up tool in Isidore to promote and track student attendance at local theater performances and workshops.

February 2017 - Faculty Video Examples

Have you ever wondered how faculty create and use videos for their classes? This video highlights video examples from many instructors around campus. From lecture capture to student presentations and interviews, we can assist you with any video creation ideas that you have. If you see an example in the video that inspires you, don't hesitate to contact the Office of E-Learning for help!

December 2016 - Phu Phung - Socrative

In his computer science class, it's important for Dr. Phu Phung to have a way to immediately assess his students' understanding of the material in the classroom. He uses a free, online student response system called Socrative to do so. After building out some quiz questions in Socrative, students solve the problems in class, then their answers are displayed anonymously through Socrative on the classroom projector. Both Phu and the students know which topics need more work from this type of assessment.

November 2016 - Jennifer Dalton - Warpwire Video

As a dietitian, Jennifer Dalton knows that learning doesn’t stop outside of the classroom. To help her students connect key nutrition concepts to both their personal and soon-to-be professional lives, she recorded a video to demonstrate how her nutrition lecture could be applied to food choices in students’ homes and dining halls. She accomplished this with just her iPhone and Warpwire Video.

October 2016 - Bob Wilkens - Attendance Tracking

Bob Wilkens has used Isidore for many different things over the years but this fall he decided to start using the Attendance tool in one of his sites.  He was looking for a simple way to have his TA track lab attendance while also providing transparency to the students.


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