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Get to Know Cascade

Logging into with your UD credentials will deliver you to the Cascade dashboard of tool bars and widgets.

Global Tool Bar

The topmost tool bar remains available at all times and provides these tools, in left-to-right order:

1. Dashboard home -- returns you to the dashboard

2. Sites dropdown -- contains a menu of UD's websites. Select a website to access its content. You can view all websites as a read-only user. 

3. Search -- quickly locates assets (pages, folders, components, images, and files). Assets in the currently selected site will be listed first, with assets in other sites listed after. A list of your recently used assets also appears in the search pane for convenient access.

4. User menu -- allows you to set preferences. Always keep the box checked for "Unpublish on move/delete". You can choose a default website and subscribe to a daily update from Cascade as well.

5. University of Dayton menu -- offers general Cascade help from Cascade's development company, Hannon Hill. For UD-specific help, contact 

Dashboard Widgets

Widgets provide convenient access to content, tools, tasks, and reports. You can arrange the dashboard to your liking:

1. Add widgets using the "Add Widget" tool

2. Re-arrange the widgets by grabbing and dragging the upper-left corner

3. Delete a widget by clicking the "X" in the upper right


Viewing a Website in Cascade

After selecting a site from the sites dropdown, Cascade displays the Site Content View. The Site Content view gives you access to the site's folders and pages and provides a preview window for viewing and editing pages.

Screenshot of Cascade's editing window


Site Content Tools

In the Site Content view, tools and options appear at the top of the working pane. The tools you see are conditional to the page, folder or asset you have selected.

TIP: You can also access the tools and options by right-clicking on a file or folder in the Folder tree.


Need Cascade Help? Call or email the IT Service Center.