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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Form Module

Description: The form module allows you to present a form for a visitor to fill out and submit online. The form submission is emailed to an address(es) you choose. Adding a form to a page is a two-step process. First, you create a form component consisting of the information you want to collect. Then you place the form component in a page.

Available on: Page-Standard; Page-No Side Nav

Form Module Example

Form Title

Forms can contain any of the entry fields used in the example, below. Any field can be designated as required.

If you want a receipt of the form submissions to be emailed to the user, create a text area with a fieldname of email and follow the instructions in the form component set-up to include the field for an email receipt.

You can add a form submission confirmation message to display upon successful completion of the form or you can select a Cascade page for the user to land on after completing the form.

When building your form, please remember -

  • To only ask for necessary data
  • Do not ask for sensitive information
  • Provide clear, succinct instructions and labels

This is a description field. It can be used to provide instructions within the form or to create a section break.


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