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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Content Collection Module

Description: The Content Collection module offers a way to display a collection of blog posts and News articles in a single set of cards. Clicking on a card will trigger a modal with the content of the selected post/article. A user may navigate to the previous/next card within the modal.

It's possible to link directly to an item in the content collection. When a user clicks on the link they will be taken to the content collection and it will open the requested item in the modal. There are two ways to link directly to an item:

  1. Use default method if you have full control over how the URL is used and can guarantee that the #/storyname will be the last part of the URL.
  2. Use the querystring parameter method if a third-party may insert tracking information or other querystring parameters onto the URL.

Available on: Page - No Side Nav Layout

Usage Tip: Keep the headlines short - 1 to 2 lines. The module will use the post's or article's headline by default. If the headline is lengthy, consider entering an Alternate Headline.

Example Content Collection