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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Aside Options

Description: The aside module provides several options for adding content to the side bar area of the page layouts. Each layout has specific options.

  • Page-standard layout provides a headline-teaser-link and contact block beneath the page navigation.
  • Page-no side nav layout provides navigation-style and box-style links as well as headline-teaser-link and contact block content to be added in a side bar.

Available on: Page-Standard; Page-No Side Nav

See it in use:

  • Visit UD (nav-style and box-style links)
  • This web page which is built in the page-standard layout, is displaying the headline-teaser-link aside option. Scroll past the side navigation and contact info to see the Headline-Teaser-Link aside.

Page-No Side Nav Aside Example

Webpage screenshot with aside area highlighted

Page-No Side Nav Aside Set-Up

You can add an aside to any section in the page-no side nav layout. However, It is recommended that you only add aside content to the FIRST section of a page. Visitors using mobile devices may have a more difficult time consuming aside information on small screens and it may be more confusing than helpful.

To add aside links, teasers or a contact block to a page-no side nav layout section:

  1. In the section, there is a checkbox to enable an aside. Once checked, select the type of aside to include. Notice that the aside is repeatable, so you can have as many aside items as needed.
  2. Fill in the required fields.

Page-Standard Aside Set-Up

Adding an aside to a page-standard layout is a two-step process.

  1. In Cascade, from the "Add Content" menu, select "Aside Block."
  2. In the "XHTML/Data Definition Block Name" field, enter a filename e.g. aside-about.
  3. Set the placement folder to your site's _resources folder.
  4. Enter a title. The title does not display.
  5. Expand the Aside section and select an aside type: "Headline, Teaser, Link" or "Contact Block". 
  6. Fill in the content.
  7. Save and submit.
  8. Edit the page where the aside will be displayed.
  9. In the Inline Region, choose the aside block you just created for BOTH sections, "Side Nav Cards Large" and "Side Nav Cards Small."


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Aside Headline

Short teaser goes here.

Aside Link (Required)