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Page Layout and Content Module Options

Accordion Module

Description: The accordion module provides collapsible content sections consisting of a headline and a description. It is ideal for FAQs and other lists of information. Each item in the accordion can contain a box-style link to more information.

Available on: Page - Standard; Page-No-Side-Nav

See it in use: Credit By Exam

Accordion Module Example

Content Headline (Optional)

Vehicula aliquet justo id tincidunt. Ut volutpat lacus ac tortor ullamcorper faucibus. Aenean volutpat massa vel elit euismod fermentum. Aliquam dapibus est a metus porta molestie. Curabitur ut risus nulla. Morbi pharetra nisl sed justo fringilla, eget commodo erat lacinia.

Accordion Item Link (Optional)

Fusce sodales aliquet quam nec auctor. Maecenas pulvinar vestibulum mauris, eget posuere sapien placerat a. Etiam dictum eros ac risus egestas lobortis. In auctor rhoncus nibh sed pretium. Sed at nunc orci. Nulla viverra porta lacinia.

Maecenas pulvinar vestibulum mauris, eget posuere sapien placerat.

Direct Linking with Anchor Tags

The accordion module gives the option to designate an anchor tag for each item listed. This feature allows for direct linking within the accordion module. In the example image below, an anchor named "item2" has been added to the accordion.  

anchor field in Cascade

To create a direct link to the anchor location, simply add #item2 (specific anchor name in your page) to the end of the URL:

The page will automatically display with the accordion anchor location expanded and briefly highlighted in light blue as shown below.

accordion module with anchor item highlighted


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