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Raising a Flag in SSN

How to Raise a Flag in SSN

When you have a concern with a particular student, you can raise a flag to communicate your observations. The appropriate individuals or office will be automatically notified when you save the item.

To Raise a Flag for one of your students, follow these steps.

1. Log in to the Student Success Network.

2. Click on the My Students navigation item to see your list of students.

  • To narrow down the list of students you see, you can select the appropriate section under the Connection drop down list, or you can find the desired student by typing their name into the  Search box.

2. Click on the box next to the student’s name to select the student.

3. Select the Flag button at the top to bring up the flag screen.

  • A list of flags that you have permission to raise on this student is displayed.

4. Select the desired flag from the list.

  • Once a flag is selected, the gray box at the bottom of the flag screen will display permissions and access pertaining to that flag.
  • It will indicate if a student can view the flag when it is raised, and who else may be able to see the flag when it is saved.

5. If relevant, select a course from the  Course Context drop down list, and enter notes in the Comment box.

6. Click the Save button.


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