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Student Crisis Fund

You are not alone. We're here to help.

The University of Dayton’s Student Crisis Fund was established in 2010 to keep students on the path to academic success during a personal and unexpected crisis. The Fund helps any currently enrolled student who has an unanticipated emergency, such as a death in the family, a severe injury, a diagnosis of a serious illness, an unforeseen financial difficulty, or a loss outside the student’s college experience that requires immediate financial assistance.  

We provide care and support beyond counseling and community. Students can receive emergency financial assistance when a clear need exists of a personal crisis or unexpected tragedy.  That outreach, fueled by the spirit of the University's Marianist charism can take many forms - a plane ticket, a week's supply of groceries, a rental car, or a pair of crutches to mention a few.

What is the fund used for?

The purpose of the Student Crisis Fund is to provide compassionate assistance to students in an emergency or unexpected tragedy situation. It is intended to assist students who experience an unanticipated emergency requiring immediate financial assistance when alternative sources of funding have been explored. 

The Fund exists to:

  • Assist students in crisis or unexpected tragedy;
  • Provide emergency financial assistance to needy students; and
  • Provide an opportunity to alumni, parents, and friends to contribute towards the betterment of the campus community-at-large.

Funds are made available through the generous donations of faculty, staff, students, parents, family members, alumni and friends of the University of Dayton. The funds are intended to provide financial assistance to current University of Dayton students.

Procedure to request funds

When a student experiences hardship or an unforeseen financial difficulty and needs assistance to cover essential needs, the student may contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Development at 937-229-3497 and/or complete a Student Crisis Fund Request.

Students or other university personnel will be asked for basic information, to describe the circumstances of the need and what other sources of funds are available. The details of a student's circumstances will be kept confidential. 

The Student Crisis Fund Advisory Committee will consider each request and determine whether the Fund could be used for the circumstance. Decisions will be made as soon as possible depending on the urgency of the need.

The committee will: 

  • Review the application along with any supporting documentation;
  • Make a decision to accept, reject or suggest other resources to address the need;
  • If the request is accepted, determine an appropriate dollar amount; and
  • Provide details in writing to the applicant.

The Fund could be used in situations, such as medical emergencies, unexpected travel during a family crisis, and financial hardship for covering basic needs.

Education is the gift that keeps on giving

Funds are made available through the generous donations of faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, family members, and friends of the University of Dayton. If you are interested in contributing to the fund, visit Student Development giving page.

Thank you for supporting our students.


Vice President of Student Development

Gosiger Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0951