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Thank you for all you did to keep us on campus


Dear UD students, 

As nearly all fall semester campus instruction will soon end, I want to take a moment to recognize you for your extraordinary efforts that enabled us to learn, lead, and serve *on campus* through this semester. After COVID-19 cases spiked in August, and the challenge to remain on campus seemed daunting, UD students collectively demonstrated the leadership and commitment to community necessary for a successful in-person semester. 

Thank you for wearing face coverings, staying 6 feet apart, washing hands, and limiting gatherings. Your commitment to your fellow students, faculty, staff, and the greater Dayton community clearly reduced the spread of the virus on campus, resulting in fewer new cases and a much lower positivity rate.  

While the student body can rightly be proud of this achievement, we should also acknowledge the pain and the suffering the virus has caused. We grieve for the loss of first-year student Michael Lang and console everyone in the UD family who has struggled with this terrible disease and its broader impacts. 

With the virus raging across the country, now is not the time to let up either on campus or in your home communities. As UD students, you have a responsibility and the ability to lead, so please take home with you what you have learned about good safety practices and check out CDC guidance about travel and the holidays. We encourage all of our students — including those of you who have been studying online and fully remote — to help reduce the spread of the virus to your loved ones and within your communities.

We will continue to communicate through the end of the semester and during the long break, but for now, I simply want to express my pride in your efforts, which I know is shared by the administration, faculty, and staff across the University.

I wish you and your family a very safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving. 

With all of God's blessings, 
Eric F. Spina