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Student Leadership

Meet our Student Leaders!

Student Coordinators

Name: Christian Comment
Leadership Role: Student Coordinator
Year: Junior
Major: Education
Name: Sophie Wilson
NSO Role: Student Coordinator
Year: Senior
Major: Photography

Blue Crew Counselors

The Blue Crew Counselors are the Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs staff members for the fastest growing tradition at UD, Camp Blue. They consist of a team of students who also assist with New Student Orientation. Click Blue Crew Counselor to meet the staff!

Orientation Leaders

The Orientation Leaders are the Office of the Student Transitions and Family Programs' frontline staff members. They are the heart of the Welcome Weekend program. The Orientation Leader team consists of 60-70 of UD's finest student leaders. Meet our 2019 team!

Awards & Recognition

2019 Business OL of the Year - Annie Montefiori

2019 Arts & Sciences OL of the Year - MC Donovan

2019 Arts & Sciences OL of the Year - Sage Beardsley

2019 Education & Health Sciences OL of the Year - Garrett Schura

2019 Engineering OL of the Year - Ryan Olson

2019 Dog of the Year - Nutella

2019 Student Leader of the Year - Sarah Sloan

2019 Director's Choice - Sophie Wilson

2019 Supreme Team - White Team

  • Sam Penewit (Team Leader)
  • Beth Hosek (Team Leader)
  • Jeffrey Banis
  • Michael Davies
  • Erika Moeller
  • Sydney Priebe
  • Bailee Boland
  • Kelly Broring
  • Cristin Bushnell
  • Elise Clement
  • Ailia DeWitt
  • Hannah Gordon
  • Malon Hood
  • Zachary Krohn
  • Amira Learst-Ahmed
  • Jamie McVean
  • Alexa Passafiume
  • Katarina Ploger
  • Garrett Schura
  • Madison Sheets
  • Jessica Taylor

Student Transitions and Family Programs

Gosiger Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0911