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First-Year Students

First-Year Students

New Student Orientation (NSO) 2019

August 17-20 (Attendance is required)


What to Expect 

  • At check-in you will receive your nametag and, most importantly, your orientation team assignment.
  • You will be assigned to your orientation team based on your academic school or college and each “team” is led by an orientation leader (OL).
  • OLs have been trained to guide their team through the orientation experience, answer questions and provide peer-to-peer support. OLs lead all team meetings — called “team time” — and assist their team with navigating campus and following the orientation schedule.
  • During the opening ceremony, the orientation schedule will be reviewed and you will meet the new student programs staff and your OL.
  • As a first-year student, you will also attend small group meetings that are led by either your resident assistant (if you are a residential student) or the commuter team leader (if you are a commuter student). Small group meetings are designed for you to build community and discuss various transitional issues with other students who share the same housing classification.

The Office of Student Transitions and Family Programs is excited to offer live webinars during the summer to aid in the transition to campus.  These webinars are designed for students and family members to learn more about the camp blue, move-in, orientation, weeks of welcome and family weekend. 

Three webinars are being offered this summer:
First-Year Transition Preparation June 19 (7 p.m. EDT )
First-Year Preparation for Arrival July 29 (7 p.m. EDT )

Transfer Transition Preparation July 24 (7 p.m. EDT )
For more information and instructions on how to register, go to our Multimedia page.

First Year T-Shirt

A unique short-sleeve and long-sleeve t-shirt will be available for purchase when you register for NSO.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have this ccommemorative first-year shirt. 


The first step to preparing for New Student Orientation (NSO) is registering. Registration will open at 1 p.m. EDT on July 9, 2019 and will close at 11:59 p.m. EDT on August 4, 2019.  The link to the registration form can only be accessed through our website. 

Important Registration Reminders:

  • Please be aware that it could take up to 7-10 business days for the check mark to appear on your check list. 
  • The receipt of both confirmation emails demonstrates that you have completed the checklist step. 

Please read the following registration instructions prior to beginning the registration process.  We recommend that you save and/or print a copy to refer to as you complete the process. 

NSO Registration Instructions 

Register Here for NSO 2019 between July 9 and August 4, 2019 

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process contact Student Transitions and Family Programs at (937) 229-2229. 

Know Before You Go
  • FY G.P.S. (Online Pre-Orientation Assignment)
    • First-year students are required to complete all FY G.P.S. online pre-orientation modules prior to arriving on campus.
    • The G.P.S. will launch on July 23, 2019.
    • Failure to complete the modules will adversely affect you academically.
    • To access the G.P.S. go to, click on the FY G.P.S. link on the right side of this page or click on the link in Porches.
  • Community Education Modules
    • All incoming first-year students are required to complete three online courses which make up the Community Education Modules*. These modules assist students in developing a shared understanding of the values that we embrace as a Catholic Marianist University. Failure to complete all courses in their entirety will result in a hold being placed on your student account.
    • AlcoholEdu is a two part course which educates students on the impacts of alcohol and provides information needed to make healthy decisions.
    • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates (SAPU) is a two part course which educates students about healthy relationships, the importance of consent, and the role of bystander intervention.
    • Created for students by students, UDiversity is a one part course which prepares students to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse global society.
    • *International students will only complete the SAPU module.
    • Failure to complete all parts will adversely affect you academically.
    • Click here for more detailed instructions on the modules or click the Community Education Module link in the list on the right.
  • Health Immunizations
    • All incoming students born after 1956 (domestic and international), are required to submit proof (dates) of two MMR vaccines (measles, mumps and rubella), and do a tuberculosis (TB) screening. Students can  find Health Immunization form here  to download and print for completion by a health care provider.
    • For questions or concerns regarding health immunizations, contact the Health Center at (937) 229-3131.
  • Orientation Service Project
  • Commuter Students
    • Commuter Students Unite! Several small group meetings have been created for commuter students to come together, make connections, and discuss issues that relate specifically to non-residential students. Topics include parking, the commuter lounge, and getting involved.
    • 2019 University of Dayton Commuter Schedule.  (The complete schedule with session locations will be available through the 1850 Orientation Schedule Apps on August 1, 2019)
  • International Students
    • International students who are classified as first-time, first-year students are required to attend New Student Orientation in addition to any other transition programs required by the Center for International Programs and will be automatically registered for NSO.
    • For more information about services for new international students visit CIP or call the Center for International Programs at (937) 229-2748

Schedule at a Glance


2019 University of Dayton New Student Orientation Student Schedule  (The complete schedule with session locations will be available through the 1850 Orientation Schedule Apps on August 1, 2019)

1850 Orientation Schedule Apps 

The University of Dayton New Student 1850 Orientation Schedule App is available here on August 1, 2019.  This will provide the most comprehensive schedule for NSO 2019.

Orientation Program Highlights


Join your fellow new Flyers and their family members for an introduction to the spirit of the University of Dayton. You will experience just a taste of what life as a Flyer will be like at one of the largest family gatherings at the University.  This important and inspiring message will include President Eric Spina, Vice President for Mission and Rector Father James Fitz, S.M. and Provost Paul Benson.


We begin this new year in prayer as a community.  This celebratory welcome takes place in the context of a Catholic Mass.  All Faith traditions are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate.  At the end of Mass, families will be invited to offer a blessing for their new UD student.


Campus Ministry invites the entire undergraduate population to an Ice Cream Bash the night before classes begin.  This is an excellent opportunity for first-year students to meet other students and the Campus Ministry staff, as well as learn about all the opportunities available through the Campus Ministry division.


You won’t want to miss the opportunity to be amongst the entire incoming class of 2019 at each of these ceremonies.  Show your energy and excitement at the opening ceremony where you will meet the 2019 orientation team and review the activities for the week.  Bring your school spirit and Flyer pride to the closing ceremony and celebrate your transition into Flyer life.  


Team Time and Small Group Meetings divide the large incoming class into smaller groupings of 1st year students. Team Times are led by Orientation Leaders and Small Groups are led by either Resident Assistants (for residential students) or Commuter Advisor (for commuter students). These meetings allow students a more intimate setting for asking questions and interacting w/ upperclass students as well as UD faculty and staff. First year students explore a variety of topics designed to support their transition into college.


Commuter Students Unite! Several small group meetings have been created for commuter students to come together, make connections, and discuss issues that relate specifically to non-residential students. Topics include parking, the commuter lounge, and getting involved.


The administration, faculty, and students gather to formally begin the academic year. During the ceremony, a faculty member and current student will share some of their most academically engaging experiences in order to inspire and motivate you before classes begin the following morning.


The events in this category depend on your individual major, School or College.  All students should attend the Dean’s Address in the School or College that houses their major. First-year experience class for some majors are required and count for class attendance! 


First-year students attend social events each evening which are great opportunities to meet and have fun with new classmates. This year's social events include the Party in the Plaza, Rudy Palooza, and Night at the Rec.


Representatives from many offices around campus will be available to provide information and answer questions about resources UD offers. This fair will be before, during and after the Dean's Addresses.


Don't forget to go to Up the Orgs on the first Friday of classes! Representatives from our 200 clubs and organizations gather on the central mall to answer questions, find new members and have a good time. The event is the perfect chance to kick off your involvement at UD. Bring your new friends and join a club together!


Student Transitions and Family Programs

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