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Information for New First-Year Undergraduate Students

Is Move-in and NSO the same thing?

No. First-year student move-in and new student orientation are two independent events.  Move-in is on Friday, August 16.  First-year students move in to their residence halls and attend their first floor meetings (if they are residential students).  NSO begins first thing Saturday, August 17 and lasts through Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  It is strongly recommended to arrive to campus earlier rather than later for move-in.

Does the University insure my belongings while I live in University-owned housing or do I need my own insurance coverage?

Students agree to assume and bear the risk of loss with regard to all personal property kept or maintained in all University housing facilities. Students are encouraged to purchase renters insurance or pursue coverage under his/her parents’ home owners insurance as the University does not carry insurance covering any such loss to personal property and assumes no responsibility for the payment of any such loss or damage.

How can I purchase my textbooks?

Beginning July 22, fall semester course materials can be purchased online at  Information will be mailed home in June regarding Textbook Scholarship and Complete Digital Access can choose from the following options: 1. In Store Pick Up at the UD Bookstore - Student's order will be pulled by Bookstore staff and stored until they arrive on campus.  Students interested in the pick up option are encouraged to place orders early!  2. Ship to Home- Student's orders will be pulled by Bookstore staff and shipped to student's home address between July 22nd and August 9th as materials become available. 3.  Shop In Store- Students can bring their ID to the Bookstore.  We will pull their class schedule and textbooks with checkout at the register.  Prior to July 22, only textbooks required for summer courses will be available for purchase.  For more detailed information visit the Bookstore website or call 937-229-3233.

Do I have to attend NSO?

Yes! All first-year students are required to attend NSO.  NSO is the opportunity for first-years to meet and build community with their new classmates.  Attendance will be taken throughout the day each day and failure to comply will have consequences. 

Are all of the NSO sessions mandatory?

Yes! All of the sessions that make up orientation are designed to help first-years get acquainted with campus, prepare for academic engagement, and support your transitional needs.  Even the social events that take place each evening are important to making connections and building community amongst the incoming class. 

Do my parents have to attend orientation?

No. The Parent and Family orientation program is separate from NSO, runs concurrently, and is optional but highly recommended for parents and family members to attend. 

What happens if I arrive on campus after 4 p.m. on Friday, August 16?

You will have limited help moving in to your residence hall and should report to your floor meeting in your residence hall that evening.  

How should I dress for NSO?

Casual and comfortable!  You will do a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes.  We will be in and out of various buildings and classrooms with varying temperatures so feel free to bring a sweater if you would like.  Mass and Convocation are two sessions where more business casual attire is recommended.

What is an Orientation Leader (OL)?

OLs are upper class students who have been trained to guide your team of first-year students through the NSO experience, answer questions, and provide peer-to-peer support.  They lead your team meetings called “Team Time” and help your team navigate campus and the orientation schedule.

What happens if I get lost during NSO?

If you get turned around during NSO you can stop by any residence hall’s front desk which are staffed 24 hours, visit the Student Transitions and Family programs website, and/or refer to the Schedule and 1850 Apps website to review the orientation schedule.

What is the difference between Team Time and Small Group Meetings?

Your orientation group is called your “Team” and is led by your Orientation Leader.  Team Times are the meetings that happen throughout NSO that are led by your OL.  Small Group Meetings are led either by your Resident Assistant (RA) if you are a living in a residence hall on campus or the Commuter Advisor if you are commuter student.

Are meals included during orientation?

Meal plans begin on Friday, August 16.  You will need to carry your Flyer Card (Student ID) at all times during NSO in order to eat during assigned meal times and in order for your attendance to be counted.  More information about meal plans can be found here.

Am I required to buy a meal plan?

Students residing in a traditional residence hall (Marycrest, Founders, Stuart, V.W. Kettering, and Marianist) are required to purchase a Meal Plan.  Students in the apartment system or University houses and students that commute may elect to purchase a Neighborhood Meal Plan (usable in Dining Services’ locations only).  For more detailed information visit Dining Services website or contact dining services at 937-229-2441

General First Year Student FAQs

How can my student find a job?

There are a variety of jobs available on campus that students can apply for to earn a little extra spending money.  The quickest way to find out what student jobs are available on campus is by looking online at There are two types of jobs available, University funded and federal work study (paid for with funds awarded by the U.S. Department of Education and awarded to students who demonstrate the highest financial need). More specific information about student employment can be found on the Student Employment website.

What if my student gets sick?

The Student Health Center located in Gosiger Hall is available for all students if they are ill or in need of any medical information.  Students should contact the health center for an appointment.  Walk-ins are accepted for emergencies only.  The Health Center maintains a large stock of commonly used medicines and dispenses them directly to patients on the order of the Health Center physicians.  Because the staff does not include a pharmacist, prescriptions from outside physicians cannot be filled at the Health Center.  The Health Center can, however, arrange for prescriptions to be filled by an outside pharmacy and delivered to the Health Center for the student's convenience.  The Walgreen's Pharmacy at 1542 Wayne Ave.  (937-254-2156) will deliver to the Student Health Center.

Is UD a safe campus and what services are offered in the area of public safety?

To help provide safety to our campus community members, the University of Dayton Police Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  They conduct 24 hour patrol through the use of marked patrol vehicles, bicycles and foot patrol. Officers within the Department are State Certified with police powers and authority as set forth under section 1713.50 of the Ohio Revised Code. All officers have obtained at least 560 hours of specialized training through the  Ohio Peace Officer's Training Academy as mandated by the Ohio Revised Code.  Safety and security systems are installed throughout the campus, including fire and security alarms, electronic access control, video cameras, and emergency phones.  These systems aid Public Safety in its mission of providing a safe and secure campus.  All campus safety and security systems are monitored in the Department of Public Safety Communication Center, enabling immediate response to an emergency on campus or within a university facility.  Campus crime statistics and all of the safety services provided can be viewed on the Public Safety website.

My student is struggling in a couple of classes. Is there any academic assistance available? 

The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center's Office of Learning Resources is a learning resource for students, parents, faculty and staff at the University of Dayton. They offer a wide variety of services to assist all students in achieving academic success at the university including individual consultations and academic coaching, tutoring and other course-specific disabilities. Please visit the Office of Learning Resources website to learn about all the services offered.

I'm not sure but my student may have some learning challenges. Is there a place that might help address those questions?

The University of Dayton is committed to including individuals with disabilities as full participants in programs, services and activities through compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the ADA Amendments Act (2008). The Office of Learning Resources/Disability Services ensures that qualified students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UD so they can participate freely and actively in all facets of university life by providing access to programs and services.

Will my financial aid be the same every year?

Not necessarily.  Financial aid awards are good only for the academic year that they are awarded.  To ensure that you are receiving the most financial aid every year, it's important to file the FAFSA annually.  Also, if a student is receiving a University of Dayton merit scholarship, they must maintain a 3.0 gpa in order for this scholarship to renew.  If you ever have questions about financial aid, or if you experience a special circumstance that has a strong impact on your family financially while your son or daughter is attending UD, visit the financial aid website.

Housing and Residence life-I have so many questions where do I start?

First-year roommates are matched in July and transfer assignments are made after that time. Assignments and roommate information can be accessed by students through Porches.  It is recommended that students begin communicating with their assigned roommate prior to arrival on campus in August. At the end of the Fall semester, if the student is returning to the same room, their items may remain in the room over the Christmas Break. At the end of the Spring semester, students are asked to remove their belongings and move to a new location at the end of finals week. If you have further questions, please check out the Housing and Residential Life website.

Why can't I call my student's teachers and ask about my student's progress?

Many parents find that access to college student records are not the same as they were used to in K-12. In brief, this is the gist of the law: In the absence of an official request, information contained in a student’s records remains confidential between the student and UD and will not be released to third parties (this includes parents) without the consent of the student. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), officials at the University of Dayton may only release information about a student's educational records to the student. Some departments may have FERPA waivers that your son or daughter may be able to sign to give you access to his or her educational records. If you’d like more information regarding this, please contact your student’s academic department.  More information about FERPA is available on the U.S. Department of Education's web site.

What is the interaction of the community and students especially with regards to banking, dining, and shopping? 

The city of Dayton is very supportive of UD and its students! Local banks have numerous ATM machines on campus and may provide free checking and debit card services.

Day Air Credit Union is located in Marianist Hall (on the east end of the building) next to the Post Office. There are Day Air ATM's located in Kennedy Union, College Park Center, Marianist Hall, Marycrest Complex, Campus South, The RecPlex, and Virginia W. Kettering Hall. Other Bank ATM's include PNC (located in Kennedy Union, the RecPlex and UD Arena), KeyBank and Fifth Third (all located in Kennedy Union). If you want to know about the best places to eat, ask a current student! The students know where the best food and prices are at all the area restaurants.

What can students do when they aren't studying (you know-that one hour a day where they aren't buried in a book or writing a paper)?  

For the few moments when students aren’t pursuing the world of scholarly enlightenment, there are tons of things to do on campus. Campus activities, intramurals, theater arts events on campus and in the community, student organization events, retreats and service opportunities, athletic events, and many other options await students. 

Weeks of Welcome (WoW) is a calendar of events specifically designed to introduce first-year students to the variety of events offered during the first semester at UD. New students will find weekly updates on Porches or you can also visit the New Student Programs website WoW page

University shopping shuttle
A University of Dayton shopping shuttle is offered through Public Safety to Governor's Place, a location shopping center that includes restaurants, grocery and retail shopping, a hair salon, and a video store.  The Shuttle provides free transportation to students Saturday from 11:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Visit the Public Safety website for a detailed schedule. 

City Bus System
The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority, or RTA, provides public transportation by way of buses around the Dayton area. Visit the RTA website for up-to-date information, fees, and a ride planner.

Area Shopping
The Greene: Visit

Dayton Mall: Located on SR 725 in Miami Township. Take I-75 South to exit 44 (Centerville/Miamisburg exit). Turn left at end of ramp and mall is approximately ½ mile on the right.

Fairfield Commons Mall: Located on N. Fairfield Road at I-675. Take Route 35 East to I-675 North. Take the 2nd exit (North Fairfield Road). Turn right and the mall is approximately ¼ mile on the right. 

Grocery and pharmacy
Kroger: 1555 Wayne Ave. (Grocery store)
Take Brown St. north to Wyoming St. Turn right onto Wyoming. Turn right onto Wayne and Kroger is on the right.

Walgreens: 1542 Wayne Ave. (Pharmacy)
Across from Kroger (see directions above)

Meijer: 4075 Wilmington Pike (Super store including groceries and pharmacy)
Located on Wilmington Pike at Stroop Rd. Take Irving Ave. east to Wilmington. Turn right onto Wilmington. Stay on Wilmington for about three miles until you reach Stroop. After you cross Stroop Rd., the store is on your right.

Is there any shuttle service on holiday breaks?

The University itself does not offer a shuttle service, but offers a bus service from the UD campus to the Oakbrook Mall in the Chicago area over fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring and Easter breaks.  This is a non-stop trip and must be booked through the company.  Please refer to the BreakShuttle website for more information, to book tickets, etc...


Student Transitions and Family Programs

Gosiger Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0911